Encoresys sees IOT as the future of technologies which will be controlled by Artificial Intelligence, as machine learning is in big boom across industries. The whole industry is preparing for Industry 4.0 to build smart factories, which uses combination of automation, IOT, and cloud computing.

Encoresys has expertise in building embedded circuits, firmware and cloud based solutions using industry standard tools like Microsoft Visual Studio, IBM Watson, IBM Bluemix, Android and Linux based.

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Industry Segments

Encoresys supports customers in industries such as computers, automotive, electronics, food & beverage, healthcare, military, solar, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum.


Innovative Solutions

Encoresys team can build innovative solutions combining Automation, IOT,and Cloud computing technologies to build smart factories. we can customise products for you. come talk to us.


Without data, you are just another person with an opinion.

—W Edwards Deming


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