Encoresys Smart grid solutions consist of Smart Energy Meters with Customer display unit and Scada based solutions to monitor remoted micro grids.

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1.Encoresys based Prepaid meter embodies all the functions of smart phone communication, has Memory , bigger display , and all the modern communication techniques like WI-FI, 3G, GSM, BLUETOOTH.
2.Can be interfaced with any sort of payment techniques.
4.No need of data concentrators to collect data from all meters, as meters can be accessed remotely
5.No need to get separate token or recharge card and setup a separate vending station to recharge
6.Can be customized for other Utility billing like Water, & Gas.



  • 240 V x 3, 50Hz +/- 5%, 
  • Class 1 Tri-vector Meter
  • 10 – 60A 3 Phase 4 Wire, Whole Current meter
  • Configurable to 3 Phase 3 wire,
  • 800imp/KWh
  • Current and Voltage related Tampers taken care as per Electricity Board Specs
  • Case open and Magnetic tamper detection with time stamping
  • Billing, Maximum Demand, TOD and Load Survey features implemented
  • IR Port for optical communication for CMRI
  • Isolated RS232/485/ZigBee communication for AMR
  • LCD Display with Back light
  • Push button for Scroll option
  • MD Reset through CMRI/Push Button



Microgrids are also called Distributed or On-site power generation system. these are small scale power generation technologies used to provide an alternative to or an enhancement of the traditional electric power system. The sources are Solar panel arrays , wind turbines, micro turbines Fuel cells etc. MicroGrids contain a power generation source, a smart meter loaded with Intelligent software which is programmable and helps to customise the supply of power to the grid and the electricity prices to be waived off or added, and power storage facilities like solid state battery cells. Encoresys designs the smart meter for microgirds and the software to monitor the power generation and its usage by the esxisting grid. It helps the customer to programme it as per there requirements. and uses advance communication techniques for remote microgrids. These Energy meters and softwares are life line of these microgrids. as they generate revenue for the customer and need to be highly accurate. Encoresy provides solutions for such microgrids and customises the solution as per customers requirements. Thereby helping the customer to be part of a smarter grid technology. and thus help the large problems of power generation on smaller scale.

Smart grid is one example of the burgeoning Internet of Things (IoT), in which almost any entity imaginable can be outfitted with a unique identifier (UID) and the capacity to communicate over a network, to detect and react to local changes in usage.